Rickard Elmore, PhD is a respected Transformational Interventionist and leader in recovery away from Addiction, Alcoholism, Mental Health Issues, Behavioral Concerns, and traumatizing human behavior.

Being the  original psychedelic interventionist  Dr. Rickard and his team are  experts in the healthcare field, dedicated to providing individuals and their heritage the fundamental support and tools necessary to successfully finding health and wellbeing.

With a specialized background in Systemic Systems and Cognitive Enhancement, Dr. Rickard has found that the key to successful recovery is finding the right kind of solutions for the people.

  Having over 25 years of experience; Dr. Rickard has built an extensive network of healthcare professionals, including a 10 year family systems internship at the Integrative Medical Institute of Orange County with  Gary Ruelas D.O., Ph.D. , to collaborate and provide custom individualized therapeutic options for people and their families.

Being in a strong foundation with his skills as an Transformational Interventionist and Treatment Strategist®, Dr. Rickard’s passion for finding his clients personalized solutions has guided generations of individuals to long term solutions.

Dr. Rickard’s expert knowledge in the field of treatment for addiction and trauma include some of his educational studies in the following areas:

Doctor of  Philosophy in Humanistic Science

• Systemic Systems Specialist

• Mental Health Strategist

• Addiction Specialist

• Psychoanalyst

• Psychedelic Support and Planning

• Cognitive Psychology
• Alcohol and Drug: Prevention and Education
• Applied Behavior Analysis
• Chemical Dependency Intervention, Treatment and Recovery
• Structured Intervention and Placement Certifications

In his drive for equipping himself to provide solutions, Rickard has incorporated the following certifications:

• Behavioral Modification
• Crisis Intervention
• Aggression Replacement
• Criminal Addictive Thinking
• Cognitive Function Assessment
• Behavioral Analysis
• Emotional Displacement
• Identifying Behavioral Patterns
• Life Goal Planning
• Motivational Interviewing
• Relapse Prevention
• Role Reversal Reflection
• Life Alignment
• Life Attunement



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