No matter the problem, there is always a solution.

Together, we can change the way we think, changing the way we see, transforming the way we live.

~ Dr. Rickard

Why People Hire Dr. Rickard

Individualized solutions are why most people hire Dr. Rickard.

Understanding how to help someone find their solution doesn’t always start with focusing on their problems.

Sometimes a conversation is the best support and other times we need a full on forensic biological, neurological, and environmental assessment to justify a behavioral response that is in need of support.

Yes some people need a full on Intervention and well most people don’t realize how nice it is to finally have one.

Long term solutions require long term planning: If you want success you first have to know what that means to you.

 Sure you may want the immediate problems to go away with planning for short term goals but if you could really have the ultimate solution with long term planning that has a better return of value would that be of interest to you?

 If I could offer that personalized solution to you in one complementary conversation would you Schedule that call ?

 Or would you like the #1 reason why people succeed after hiring Dr. Rickard to be delivered directly to you?

**Please Be Aware** each request is personalized and will be delivered in the order received

What you will find is that based on your personal needs will I design a plan to clarify and accomplish your goals.

Addiction and Mental Health problems?

Personal Motivation Concerns?

Having no direction or failure to launch?

Relationship concerns?

Done everything and still not where you want to be?

In these ways I can help:

Transformational Intervention™: My flagship mental health and addiction intervention technique places the emphasis on providing the client with options geared around health and wellbeing rather than assigning the label of a disease which, may in fact, hinder flourishing. It eliminates the application of an immediate diagnosis in favor of providing environments wherein a complete understanding of the individual’s entirety of experience can be recognized. This allows room for a personalized and comprehensive plan of care to find the options that best enable healing.

Treatment Strategy™- Determining the problems, goals, and milestones at the outset allows a person to get realistic expectations for next steps. Likewise, a formal plan and a strategy lays the foundation for educated choices given the myriad of treatment options presently available.

Personalized coaching with Coach Rickard™– My goal is to help you enable, inspire, educate and execute the highest level of your true self. I’m here to help you discover your best self and take the ideal actions in every area to create a life of happiness, fulfillment and success.

Psychedelic Preparation and Integration: For over two decades I have utilized entheogens (psychedelic medicine) to assist clients as they unlock and access their own inner-healing wisdom. Through safe, integrated and embodied inner journeys, blockages are unburdened. Let me help assist you in finding the right medicine, facilitator and modality such that we may best align for optimal success.

Reach out and request your complimentary conversation with Dr. Rickard by clicking here

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